Managed WordPress Hosting: Heightened Security Policies

In 2010, WebHosts were taught some very harsh lessons.  Many shared hosting companies found that they did not provide the security measure needed to keep their client’s sites safe from each other.  Thousands of clients, who staked their on-line reputations on cheap hosting, suffered the consequences.

The idea of a completely secure website is a myth. However, there are steps that can be taken that will make your site safer.  eHermits, Inc. makes these steps simple

  1. Passwords are sent encrypted – Every hosting plan we provide comes configured to allow SSL connections. So we enforce its use.  All logins to WordPress, webmail, cpanel, WHM, sFTP and terminal are encrypted.  So  you can sit in the coffee shop and know that your passwords are not being harvested out of the air.
  2. You receive your own SSL certificate on Pro and Pro+ accounts. This means you and your customers know that you are dealing with your site and that your site is safe.  While our home accounts use a shared certificate,  all Pro and Pro+ accounts come installed with a Class 2 WildCard certificate specific to their domain.  Class 2 WildCard certificates typically cost over $500 per year.  eHermits, Inc.’s founder has gone through the identification and validation processes required to create class 2 certificates for the sites which he hosts.  This certificate is not transferable to other hosts.
  3. WordPress is configured securely – Our auto install process wasn’t created just to save time and effort, but to ensure that each new site is created with security in mind.  You will always install with the latest release of WordPress.  We also ensure that your tables are configured with a unique prefix and your admin user isn’t set to ID 1.
  4. After we install the latest version of WordPress, the modification permissions are set correctly for all directories and files.
  5. All sites are registered with Google Webmaster Tools in order to ensure we are notified of anything that makes Google unhappy with your site.

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