Managed WordPress Hosting: Optimized WordPress Installs

One of the best reasons to go with a Managed WordPress Hosting solution is the expertise of the people involved.  Chances are you came to this site through a personal connection with an eHermit.  So, you already know that we are the type of people who are available to answer any question you have and generally we can directly answer just about anything you come up with.  You know that you are dealing with a WordPress Expert.

That expertise has allowed us to put together a package that can make your WordPress website sing:

  • Free themes can be a risk, especially when you download them from random Internet sites.  Even the ones on were created with varying degrees of skill and may use security practices years out of date.  We don’t want you to have to deal with these issues.  So every eHermits, Inc. site comes with the premium Headway them pre-installed.  So even if you have a pro account and other options available, you can still use the Headway theme to create a great looking site that can remain live until you are ready to activate your final theme.
  • Pro accounts get access to one free iThemes, StudioPress, or WooThemes theme. Pro+ accounts get one per site.
  • Pro and Pro+ accounts get our plugin bundle.  This includes both premium plugins such as Gravity Forms, and Backup buddy, as well as open-source security reviewed plugins such as w3-total-cache and Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Sites are optimized to serve quickly through use of memcache, minification and compression

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