eHermits, Inc. is available for projects of various sizes.  A detailed proposal for a 6 month project may have a price schedule that differs from a high priority 8 hour project.  A database conversion of a site with 2 million posts requires a more specific skill set than creating a plugin that allows your forum and blog to share the same user authentication system.

A general price schedule follows.  If you are interested in further discussion, contact us for a quote.  The company name is plural for a reason.  I work with experts in many areas from graphic design to social media to advertising and marketing and we don’t all charge the same rate.   Let’s discuss your project and how best to meet your needs.


As described above, a wide variety of consulting services are available: (Current as of 2013)

Flat Hourly Rate – My standard consulting rate is $125 with an 4 hour minimum.  Larger projects receive a discount, as do not-for-profit entities.

Server Admin – Monthly Retainer – I offer my services for 24 hour monitoring of servers at a rate of $100 per hour.  Depending upon your needs, 3 – 5 hours is sufficient for the typical retainer.

Site Rescue – Infected site/server recovery is usually done at my standard rate and mostly can be done within a 5 hour period.  Payment is due up front.

Personal/Home Business/Non-Profit  Site Not everyone needs a full blown configuration management system.  Sometimes all you need to be given is the tools and a little guidance.  I can provide you with a

functional site that looks good and has all the blanks for you to fill in.  Hosting is available and additional support is at locked for one year at my current flat hourly rate.

Estimated Price: $250 -$500


WordPress Powered Company Site (CMS) With a WordPress powered site, updating your company web page once again becomes something within your power and control.  Design discussions will be required to produce a site that fully meets your needs to your satisfaction.  In the end, you will be in control of a fully independent site.  This means that rather than waiting for information to be relayed to your consultant, you and your own staff can make all updates as needed.  Business hour support for specified period of time is built into project costs.

Estimated Price: $3000 -$6000*

* Unique custom functionality may extend the implementation time and costs


Site Conversion – Site Conversion projects are the most fun and sometimes are the most tricky projects as well.  Each database system is different and some sites are entirely file based.  In short this involves taking the information from your existing site and moving it into the system of your choice.   WordPress, vBulletin, BuddyPress, Joomla, and Drupal are all common sources or destinations.

Along with the conversion, you may wish to have the look and feel of the existing site replicated, making the site match the original to your degree of satisfaction.  Please be aware that sometimes an exact match will not be to your benefit, on either a ROI or SEO basis.  If that’s the case, I will inform you and let you decide.

Estimated Price: $1000-$5000


Employee Training  and 24×7 support – On-site training and CBT videos are available to meet the needs of larger projects.  However, you will never be left high and dry with a system you don’t know how to use.  You will feel comfortable that you know how to use your site and will not be left high and dry with no one to turn to.

Travel expenses are to be reimbursed at cost or standard Federal Mileage Rate, whichever applies.


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